Foreclosure & Short Sale

No one wants to be in the position of losing their home, but unfortunately, circumstances may dictate that a short-sale or foreclosure is the only option available to you.  If you are in this situation, Heart Realtors are here to help. 

In addition to being certified foreclosure and short sale listing agents themselves, Heather & Art have retained the services of Vanessa Liddell, a foreclosure and short-sale expert to help you navigate these complicated waters. 

And there are options...don't let the bank foreclose on your property until you've contacted us.  For example, the Making Home Affordable program is working with homeowners and lenders to avoid foreclosure in a number of ways.  Contact us to see if you're eligible, or for more information about how you may be able to keep your home.


If you've found a home you love, or are in the market for a home listed as a short sale or one that has been foreclosed upon, we can help.  Once again, special circumstances arise in the purchasing of these homes, so please contact us for more information.


About Vanessa Liddell